Our vision is to extend the trinity of office software metaphors seen today in text editing, spreadsheets and slide presentations, with a fourth approach: the knowledge tree. Symbolian applies this vision in developing Holomind, a holistic workshop moderation suite.

Many professionals use these moderation suitcases: A whiteboard, markers, sticky notes and dots. While these are flexible,

  • they require an error-prone and time-consuming digitization process after the workshop
  • they make it hard to include participants joining via video conference 
  • they establish a barrier between static content presented with a slide deck, and interactive parts done on the whiteboard.

Our goal is to retain these advantages and eliminate the disadvantages in our software.

digital workshop app

The app is embedded in a 3D navigation environment. Users create branches and nodes in the knowledge tree, these are linked to flashcards that you can see on the bottom of the screen.