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Symbolian applies the ConeCanvas technology to create HoloMind, a holistic idea management and workshop tool. Please visit www.holomind.net to learn more about the product and register for your own workshop!

Why use HoloMind?

  1. Save time and effort.
    • prepare workshops and agendas, hassle free
    • create a summary after the workshop with just one click
  2. Participant engagement.
    • sort topics based on participant voting
    • allow participants to create their own topics and ideas
  3. Real-time collaboration.
    • work with others remotely and efficiently
    • participants can edit and arrange information simultaneously

Use Case Example

Hotel use case

An example use case for HoloMind within a hotel reservation platform: Using a common spreadsheet and a mere 2-dimensional view will force the business to employ links in order to satisfy the customers information needs. With HoloMind all the relevant information is in one place which enables the customer to easily compare hotels.