About Us

about-us iconSymbolian's vision is to change the way of human computer interaction by applying human cognitive principles to knowledge representation and processing.

Every person in our team of five is bringing unique knowledge and capabilities to Symbolian:


Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken

CEO & Founder

Jürgen has gained entrepreneurial experience before and has worked for top 30 companies.


Michael Karg

CTO & Partner

Master in Linguistics and Computer Science and lots of experience developing software. Responsible for Technical Product Development.


Govinda Hiemer

Business Development Manager

Studied mathematics and studies entrepreneurship. Responsible for Customer Development and Sales


Yaw Essah

Chief Marketing Officer

Degree in Business Management. Experience in Lifestyle, FMCG and Technology Industry. Responsible for Growth, Marketing and Distribution.


Vincent Ahrend

Engineering and Product

Vincent studied Cognitive Science and loves presenting ideas to an audience. As product manager and frontend software developer he develops the concept for Holomind and implements its user-facing functionality.