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Our first innovation extends the trinity of office software metaphors seen today in text editing, spreadsheets and slideshows, with a fourth approach: the knowledge tree of ConeCanvas. It is a novel and patented technology for 3D visualization and editing that builds on the metaphor of a tree to represent the structures, hierarchies and relations of knowledge. Being able to handle data from a multitude of sources, ConeCanvas lets experts and users navigate, edit and structure information. Through this unified view of data Symbolian can provide intuitive and memorable access to information.

We offer increased efficiency and user satisfaction in tasks that require understanding and editing structured information. Our interface makes it easy to remember where information is stored, as humans have a natural ability to navigate 3D spaces, and especially our memory is fine-tuned to remember where things are in a spatial environment.

The industry standard for representing structured, hierarchical or graph data starts with the list or spreadsheet as a basic user interface metaphor. Our approach is based on the tree of knowledge, a metaphor that traces back to ancient Greece, and depicts the hierarchical structure of knowledge. ConeCanvas uses this image by representing hierarchical knowledge structures as 3D trees that can be rotated and traversed to access the contained information. 

This is implemented as a 3D view, which can be integrated with web applications, mobile apps or native software. ConeCanvas can be loaded with information from databases, files, spreadsheets or live data from other applications. Even 3D models can be mapped to the entries of a cone tree, so that products, components or other 3D structures are visually integrated with ConeCanvas.

Some use cases include:

  • Accounting software for businesses
  • Specification and development of hardware components
  • Requirements or failure mode analysis
  • Representation of decision trees in machine learning