About Us

our vision

Our vision is to change the way of human computer interaction by applying human cognitive principles to knowledge representation and processing.  

our mission

We want to develop and establish a key technology of knowledge representation and processing to make the meaning of information comprehensible for humans, processable for machines and exchangeable through the Web

who we are 

We are a dynamic team. We are an efficient manufactory for high quality software and we simply love technology-driven innovation. 

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken

CEO & Founder 

Jürgen has longtime experience with the development of the Semantic Web. He is the driving force behind Symbolian.

Michael Karg

CTO & Partner

Magister Artium in linguistics and informatics and lots of experience in developing. Responsible for Technical Product Development. 

Govinda Hiemer

Business Development Manager

studied mathematics and studies entrepreneurship

Responsible for Customer Development and Sales



Yaw Essah

Chief Marketing Officer

Experience in Lifestyle, FMCG and Technology Industry. Responsible for Growth, Marketing, Distribution.


Vincent Ahrend

Engineering and Product

Vincent studied Cognitive Science and brings startup and programming experience to the team. When he doesn’t write code for our software products, he is mining insights from customers and experts to better understand our market and communicates our vision in writing or live presentations.