About Us

about-us iconSymbolian's vision is to change the way of human computer interaction by applying human cognitive principles to knowledge representation and processing.

Every person in our team brings unique knowledge and capabilities to Symbolian:


Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken

CEO & Founder

Jürgen has 25+ years of experience in Software Development and worked for many of the the German Top 100 companies. He gained entrepreneurial experience before and has a passion for Functional Programming and Type Theory.


Michael Karg

CTO & Partner

Master in Linguistics and Computer Science and lots of experience developing software. Responsible for Technical Product Development.

Ayla Franken

Ayla Franken

Human Resource Manager

Ayla currently supports us in Public Relations and human resource.management. 

Serge Kosyrev

Serge Kosyrev

Technology Development Manager

Serge has gained a diverse software engineer, and at Symbolian, he looks after the technology development. 

Humble Tariq_CCO

Muhammad Humble Bin Tariq

Chief Commercial Officer

Humble has an academic background in economics and business. He works in Symbolian as a chief commercial strategist..