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The ConeCanvas knowledge tree is our novel and patented technology for 3D visualization and editing. The tree is the key design metaphor for representing the structures, hierarchies and relations of knowledge. Being able to handle data from a multitude of sources, ConeCanvas lets users navigate, edit and structure information in a seamless fashion.

Through this unified view of data Symbolian provides intuitive and memorable access to knowledge, offering increased efficiency and user satisfaction.

Human cognition and memory have a natural ability to map and navigate 3D spaces - so our interface makes it especially easy to remember where information is located.

ConeCanvas lets you rotate, traverse, filter and collapse its 3D knowledge tree to access and focus the desired information and its context. Specific 2D graphics and 3D models can be used to represent points of knowledge in the tree, enabling the visual integration of info graphics, icons, product models and so on. ConeCanvas can be loaded dynamically with information from databases, files, spreadsheets or live data from other applications. All this makes ConeCanvas a perfect fit as a user interface for both native software and web and mobile apps.